Satay served the good old-fashioned way... Grill over slow burning charcoal and let the aroma of our unique blend of more then a dozen herbs and spices and succulent meat fill the air to tantalize your taste buds. Click Online Order to purchase now. 

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All satay products come with free satay sauce.

Save More when you Self-collect your raw satay!

*** Free delivery subject to a minimum order of 300 sticks.
Terms and Conditions Apply.

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All orders placed online need to be confirmed by us via e-mail or telephone.

CategoryNo.ItemsUnit Price Qty per Pkt No. of Pkt to Order
 SELF-COLLECT RAW (SCR) Satay. Free satay sauce provided
1Self-Collect Raw Chicken Satay$0.3025
2Self-Collect Raw Mutton Satay$0.4025
3Self-Collect Raw Beef Satay$0.4025
4Self-Collect Raw Beef Tripe Satay$0.4025
5Self-Collect Raw Chicken Hot & Spicy$0.4025
 DELIVERY RAW (DLR) Satay. FREE Satay Sauce (Terms & Conditions Apply)
6Delivery Raw Chicken Satay$0.3525
7Delivery Raw Mutton Satay$0.4525
8Delivery Raw Beef Satay$0.4525
9Delivery Raw Beef Tripe Satay$0.4525
10Delivery Raw Chicken Hot & Spicy$0.4525
 DELIVERY COOKED (DLC) Satay (Min 200 stks incl garnishes, satay sauce plus FREE rice and delivery)
11Delivery Cooked Chicken Satay$0.7050
12Delivery Cooked Mutton Satay$0.7050
13Delivery Cooked Beef Satay$0.7050
14Delivery Cooked Beef Tripe Satay$0.7050
15Delivery Cooked Chicken Hot & Spicy$0.7050
 Food Service Pack (Min 6kg for Free Delivery)
16Raw Satay Goreng (Pan Fry) Chicken with free satay sauce$19.001 kg
17Raw Satay Goreng (Pan Fry) Mutton with free satay sauce$29.001kg
18Raw Satay Goreng (Pan Fry) Beef with free satay sauce$23.001kg
19Raw Satay Goreng (Pan Fry) Babat (Beef Tripe) with free satay sauce$23.001kg
20Raw Satay Goreng (Pan Fry) Hot & Spicy Chicken with free satay sauce$23.001kg
 On the Side
21Asli Satay Sauce$6.001kg
22Lontong Rice (whole)$2.501 roll
* Chef Recommendation